Join the 2 last official 1.29 servers (Eratz & Henual) !

Rejoignez Eratz et Henual 1.29 sans VPN : Cliquez ici pour accéder au site français

Fast and easy to use

All servers are in spain, allowing you to have the best latency ingame. No need additionnals softwares : just copy the EratzGW configuration file where Dofus 1.29 is installed and start playing !


EratzGateway-Bear is free, thanks to all donators !


Security of your(s) account(s) is my priority. I pledge on my honor to not save/compromise sensitive data. The gateway is secured by different integrated security systems (antibot, packets securities, control of connections).

Player(s) connected on Eratz/Henual with EratzGateway-Bear (public, see "Join" page) :
All datas are refreshed every minutes.

Remember that accessing Eratz with EratzGateway is a privilege that can be removed at any moments if i considere that you are breaking this Terms of Service or if i can't maintain the gateway anymore.

  • I am not responsible of any banishments of accounts/ip adresses, but i do everything to avoid that happening.
  • I am not responsible of any money lose, virtual or real caused by a gateway down time.
  • You are not allowed to use bots on EratzGateway for obvious reasons.
  • You are not allowed to connect more than 8 account simultaneously.
  • The gateway has 2 channels, Gateway and General (Taverne). You have to speak french OR english on them and respect others players (/i + message to use the gateway channel, .t + message to use the general channel "Taverne"). You should not flood it with useless/repeated messages. Promoting a kamas-seller or asking for kamas exchange between servers (For instance 1.29 <--> 2.0) is strictly forbidden. You have to use the gateway channel only for ingame trading/recruitment and general "Taverne" channel for others discussions.
  • Respect every players on the servers.

If you have read and understood terms of service, join us !